Our Ethos

The only way to live in the RUSH is SLOWLY! – Our Ethos

We count ourselves lucky to have been built up(brought up) in Northumberland with the immense beaches and surrounded by the rolling countryside. Within a stone’s throw from the enchanted kielder forest and alongside the mighty Tyne river that rises in the cheviots hills and runs all the way through to Tynemouth, our home! This is the backbone of our Ethos.

Our ethos is simple, Rush Slowly!!! We all have a job to do and a life to live with all the mundane tasks that come with that, this is the Rush as we call it. The other side of life is the fun, looking after your mental and physical health, getting out into the country for a stroll or a dip in the sea in your shorty, a simple walk along by the river with your four legged friend or a full on hike up into your favourite mountains. This is the Slowly!! Where you get the time to recenter and focus on whats truly important.

Life is about give and take, yin and yang or as we call it…..the Rush Slowly!

We want to inspire people to forge their own paths, lead their own adventures, control their own mind set and embrace their own journey, wherever that may lead…..

Our designs are set inline with your everyday lives whether you’re wearing them into the office or setting yourself up for the next adventure of a lifetime. We want to be there right with you to enjoy and have your back. When you put on the Rush Slowly brand you can feel that an adventure is lurking just around the corner. Or maybe it’s your favourite hoody or tee that reminds you of where you were last weekend climbing that mountain or hiking that fjord. Maybe the smell of the campfire still lingers on it or the sand falls out from the last beach adventure. Feel the smile rise and the adventure begin. Time to escape!! Time to leave the Rush and hit the Slowly. Time to embrace what life has in store. Either way our brand is designed for your life, with the everyday and the ultimate day in mind!!

Each design is a glimpse into the life we want to lead, a life we are working towards and a dream we want to come true for us and you.

We work and design with mental health at the head of our thoughts as in this day and age it is a leading cause of problems and one we truly believe can be cured by rushing slowly into the wild and water and being freed from the modern world and embracing nature. I know these are the things that have helped us here at rush slowly in the past with our MHI

“The only way out is through” and through is where we want to take you!!!

We are inspired from stories of those who have broken the modern day rules and left the rat race, removed the mental health barriers they suffered and released themselves from the mundane by hitting the hills, splashing in the sea, sleeping under the stars and foraging in the forests. We want to come with you on your adventures and hear your stories and we want you to come on the adventure with us too.