10% of every sale will be donated to Mind via Work for Good

At Rush Slowly we believe in paying it forward. Mind, are a mental health charity that won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

About Mind

We are Mind and over the last few years, we’ve come a long way.

Mental health is not hidden anymore. It’s on the front pages. It’s on the political agenda. It’s discussed at the dinner table. For millions of people, mental health is now something to be honest about – not ashamed of.

The Mind community – including our generous funders and supporters – has been at the heart of this transformation. Together, we’ve shown what mental health really looks like, what support makes it better and what needs to change.

But there’s still so much more that needs to be done.

Waiting lists are far too long. People are pushed into poverty because of their mental health. The mental health system is failing racialised communities. And a generation of young people are dealing with anxiety, trauma and self-harm. The pandemic has exposed the realities of mental health support for millions. People’s rights aren’t respected. Access to care is a lottery. And the risk of more mental health problems emerging is growing by the day.

That’s why we are reaffirming our commitment to fight for mental health. For support. For respect. For you. That’s why we’ll offer more mental health support for people living in poverty – increasing workplace support for people in low-paid jobs and campaigning for welfare changes so people are treated fairly and have the resources to meet their needs. That’s why we’ll target the injustices in the mental health system to remove shameful differences in service access and outcomes for people from racialised communities.

That’s why we’ll work to ensure that every young person learns about mental health. We’ll join with whole school communities – from parents to pupils to teachers – and make sure young people are able to easily access support when they need it.

Whether you want support at school, at work, in your community or through the NHS, we’ll fight to make sure help is there for you.

The scale of this challenge requires a collective effort. We’re bringing together our unstoppable network of local Minds across England and Wales. We’ll also partner with people and organisations who share our ambitions.

We’ll speak out when things aren’t right. We’ll use our platform to amplify the voices of people who are too often dismissed and ignored. And we’ll ensure that politicians’ promises deliver real progress.

We’ll use the expertise and experiences of people with mental health problems to design new life-changing services. And we’ll continue to provide information to millions of people – helping them get support, assert their rights and feel hopeful.

At Mind, we never stand still. We have always taken on the biggest threats to our mental health. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.